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Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards Forum Mall

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This paper is a research done to study the consumer buying behaviour towards forum mall

A research study was conducted to understand and suggest the organization on how the consumer buying behaviour is towards the forum mall. The forum mall is the first from the Prestige Group in 2004- A Retail Centre that Entertains or if you so choose an Entertainment Centre that Retails. This mall is located at Koramangala. The Mall is popular among the youth in Bangalore and an attraction to those coming to Bangalore. The shopping mall houses 625,000 sq. ft. of shops over four levels. It is a major hub for all age group of peoples to spend their quality time in weekends and festivals. The mall has everything from shoes to exercise equipment. A major attraction at the mall is the multiplex, PVR, which houses 11 screens. As one of the biggest multiplex in India, it features the latest Hollywood, Bollywood and regional movies. The food court is called The Transit Lounge and is designed like an airport Transit Lounge. One can indulge one's taste buds at Transit, KFC, Pizza Hut or the forever crowded Mc Donald's. The advantages of this mall has been due to its car parking facilities on each floor giving them direct access to the floor they have to go in the mall. Two side entry is one of a kind to this this project we study the consumer buying behaviour towards this mall enabling us to understand why the consumers visit this mall and how much they spend at a time of their visit, we also try to understand how to maintain the costumers loyalty. The mode of conducting the survey was through questionnaires; about 100 respondents were taken in the survey to study their buying behaviour. Various research methods like rating scales and chi square test was used to analyze and interpret the data. The findings have been summarized and few recommendations and suggestions are given to improve the mall functions or increase the


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