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Change in the Consumer Behaviour Due to Organised Retail Sector

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Project Plan

Topic: Change in the consumer behaviour due to organised retail sector

Objective: To study the change in the buying pattern of the consumers due to the emerging organised retail sector

Scope: To evaluate the peoples' response to measure the changes that the organised retail sector will bring in.

Benefits: will help the client to take the appropriate expansion strategy

Sampling Design:

a. Sampling frame: People shopping

Age group 23 to 40

Income group middle income

b. Sampling size: n = 5000

c. Sampling Technique: Simple Random Sampling

Observation Design: Questionnaire

Statistical Design: z-test(since sample is large and sigma is unknown, using s)

Operational Design:

Team Size: 28

Team Structure:

Note: Figures in brackets indicates number of people involved.


Project Head: He will study the project, delegate responsibilities to the team leaders & analysts and monitor the project.

Team Leaders: The team leader needs to work upon the methodology of the project along with the analysts. Additional responsibility of supervising and guiding the data collectors and data operators is performed by them.

Data collectors: Their main task is to approach people, educate them about the survey and collect their


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