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The Database Environment

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Database Environment

Larry Hudnall


April 29, 2013

Jessica DePhillips



The system will catalog new works of art and the artist and where in the museum the artwork is displayed or stored. It will also track the attendance at the museum, the artist list of works, a list of artists that are visiting the museum, a complete list of all artwork that is owned, stored, displayed, or on loan to other museums. This system will also be available to other facilities to verify museum timetables, artwork updating and several more features. The system will store all pertinent facts regarding each artist that has pieces of artwork on display at the museum. Access to the system will be limited to artists and system admin with a system user ID and password, each user account will have its own limitations set as to what can or cannot be accessed. The system will be a secure system with a set of standards for user access based on what their position is in the database.


The system will be very efficient, the rights that are allotted to each user will result in some errors, and these will require the assistance of a user that has a higher level of user rights. An example would be during the registration of an event that is being hosted by the museum before the event date, the user would not be able to rectify the error at their level of user rights, and a system admin would need to assist the user to correct the problem.

The system admin will have a higher level of user rights and will be able to fix the problems that occur and change the database when it is needed.

The basic user which is the artist that has artwork displayed at the museum will have limited access. This user will be able to add new artwork to the system and set user preferences, but will not be able to change or access critical areas of the database. When a new piece of art is entered into the system an alert will be sent to facility users when the piece is available for viewing or purchase. The system will track empty spaces at the museum so art can be displayed. Problems may arise when artwork is removed and the system is not updated to reflect the art being removed. The system admin will be responsible for keeping the database current with list of events, time tables, and available spaces in the museum.



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