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Team B Outline

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The following is an outline of how team B will complete our project.

Project: Develop a Design for a Fleet Truck Maintenance Database.

Team B:

Week 2:

Change Request #2. The team is currently off to a good start. We have completed creating tables for the Fleet Truck Maintenance database by using Microsoft Access 2007, as directed by our course syllabus.

Entities and attributes for the Huffman Fleet Truck Maintenance were used to create this database. The entities are the things we are keeping track of; such as the Parts Inventories Purchase, and the attributes are the TransactionsID, purchase dates price and quantity. We are tasked to keep up with eleven entities for the duration of the course.

Week 3:

Change Request #3. Link the tables for the Fleet Truck Maintenance. Populate the table with ten records of fictional but realistic, test data. The team will complete this assignment not-later-than Saturday, June 23, 2012, 6:00pm. This will give the team an opportunity to discuss and collaborate on fine tuning our deliverable.

Week 4:

Complete Request 4 and 5. Create input for the Fleet Truck Maintenance database, and create queries. We have this ready for team review and discussion not-later-than Saturday, June 30, 2012, 6:00pm.

Week 5:

The team will have all Change Request 2-5 compiled and ready for turn-in; to include the 3-5 PowerPoint presentation. Team work will be posted to the team forum not-later-than Saturday, July 7, 2012, for final review and collaboration.

*Each team member has committed to a weekly deliverable to accomplish. Everyone will review, and approve or make suggestions to the deliverable prior to submissions to the assignments link.


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