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Monitoring Employees on Networks

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Monitoring Employees on Networks

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Monitoring Employees on Networks

I explored SpectorSoft Corporation’s Spector 360 Recon. This software tracks employee’s every internet activity such as email, websites, online searches, chat/IM, keystroke activity, application usage, network activity, file transfers, document tracking, snapshot recording, user activity, and keystroke detection. An employer can learn about every internet activity that an employee did in working hours using company facility by using this software.

Business can benefit from this software by early detecting on insider threat. Laudon and Laudon (2013) stated, “Companies also fear leakage of confidential information and trade secrets through e-mail or social networks” (p. 197). This software will only provide the information on employee’s internet activity to the management if they detected any suspicious activities otherwise they will only stores the encrypted data on local machine for 30 days, this feature can maintain employee privacy. Ball, Daniel, and Stride (2012) stated, “Much of concern is focused on the privacy of personal information, and is fuelled by both the widespred use of information systems by organizations to capture, store and process information, and the ease of transmission of information between organizations” (p. 376).

I would think it is necessary for a business to monitor employee’s internet activity. I think this software is a great monitoring software to use because as long as you don’t do any out of bounds activity you don’t need to worry about to get recorded. This software doesn’t share any personal information with anybody if you


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