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Introduction to Control System

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1.1 Introduction

1.2 General Terms in Control System  

1.3 Elements of Control System  

1.4 Control System Configuration

1.4.1 Open Loop Control System

1.4.2 Closed Loop Control System

1.5 Advantages of Control System

1.6 Examples of Control System



Learning Outcomes:


At the end of this chapter, student should be able to:


i. define the general terms in control system ii. recognize the elements of control system iii. describe the differences of open loop and closed control system iv. list the advantages of control system

v. describe some examples of control system


















1.1 Introduction


History of control system began since 17th century. From time to time until now, control systems become an important and integral part of modern society. Control systems is an interdisciplinary subject and cut across all engineering and non-engineering fields such as electrical, mechanical, aeronautical, chemical, nuclear, economics, management, biological, biomedical and other related fields.  


Control system play major roles in human live everyday. Air-conditioning system, washing machine, dryers, elevators, traffic lights, manufacturing plants, robotics system, navigation system, autopilot system, missile-guidance system, satellite system and many more examples are utilize control system application.


Generally, control system can be classified into three categories:


  1. nature control system – created by Almighty God (example – human body immunization)
  2. automatic control system – created by human (example – auto pilot flight operation, satellite system, space shuttle, robotic system)
  3. combination between nature and automatic control system (example – car driven by human)


In manufacturing industries, control system is used to achieve the increase of productivity and improved performance of production system. The control of manufacturing or production by automatic control system rather than manual workers called as automation. Modern manufacturing utilize automation in order to improve productivity and obtain high-quality products. Automatic control system and computer control has become important elements for better production process and quality. For example, automatic control is essential in the numerical control of machine tools. With programmable control system for robotics arm, repetitive production line operations can be increased and operate for many hours without fatigue.  


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