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Food and Agriculture Organization

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Ⅰ.The increase of agricultural production has been uneven, both in terms of geographical distribution and in terms of crops and commodities produced.

A. In some parts of the world need to expand the agricultural produce, however the serious surpluses were existed in elsewhere.

1. The food demand in the developing countries in Africa and Asia.

2. The super low price in developed countries, like America.

B. Fea-ture was the problem of surpluses of food had resulted from decreased production, but also decreases the food in consumption market.

1. Don't have enough food to help the place that was food shortage.

2. The poor people can not afford for the food.

Ⅱ. The Council agreed that preoccupation with the problems of surpluses should not obscure the need to continue increasing agricultural production, especially in underdeveloped countries.

A. Encouraged to selective expansion of commodities in demand and those with high nutritional value.

1. Yielding food, genetically modified vegetables, advanced technology.

B. Raising consumption levels, land tenure reform, extension and advisory services, provision of credits and other institutional factors.

1. The laws and polices were changed in the poor countries.

Ⅲ. Council recognizing that progress in this field must be slow, and is should be related to the whole field of agricultural programming and policy.

A. Council establishment of the Agricultural, Economics and Nutrition Divisions to coordinate FAO work.

B. Council


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