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Energy for Agriculture

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Chapter 1 Energy for Agriculture

1.1 Form of Existence of Energy

Every body is very familiar with the term energy. What is it? Energy is often defined as the ability to work. So we can say that energy is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Looking around us, and with us, we can find energy everywhere.

Energy is related with the terms force, work and power. Loosely speaking, force is energy. But, in physics force is the cause of motion, or the cause of a change in motion. And work occurs when force moves through a distance. And power is a term, which describes amount of work done in a certain period of time.

Among the measurements of force, work, power and energy, energy is the most important one and it exists in several different forms such as human energy, animal energy, I.C. engine oil, wind energy, water energy, solar energy and biomass energy.

1.1.1 Energy supply estimation

Energy is a major constraint in achieving high production and productivity. The sources of energy present in the whole universe are classified into two categories:

(1) Non-renewable Energy Sources (such as oil, coal, natural gas etc.) is also called conventional energy, which are very costly and limited in nature because the process of their formation needs a very long time, even millions of years. The process of formation (to renew) takes long time compared to its exploitation. Thus these energy sources can be expire and are depleting very fast currently.

(2) Renewable Energy Sources (such as biogas, solar energy, produced gas, wind energy, chemical energy, tidal power, geothermal power, animal and human energy etc.), which can be used without time limits because they can be renewed within a short time and are very cheap and unlimited in nature. These are easily available everywhere as far as life exists in this universe.

How much conventional energy can be supplied for human beings in our world?

Some scientists believe that we will run out of fossil resources in 50 years. So it will be of interest to those who anticipate an approaching energy crisis and recognize that fuels other than fossil fuels and nuclear fuels, namely renewable resources as fuels, will have to play an important role in the next decade. These alternative fuels will not only have the advantage of being renewable, but will be economically attractive as well and will have a minimal environmental impact (no emissions of waste materials such as SO2, NOx or greenhouse gases).

1.1.2 Form of energy supply

Human energy Whenever people are walking or working, they must and have to release their energy that is called human energy. In fact, human is a chemical converter of food energy into mechanical energy or work. Although human energy is omnipotent, man’s


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