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Data Analyst, Computer Scientist, and Data Scientist

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  • What are the differences between data analyst, computer scientist, and data scientist?
  • What kind of skills a data scientist needs to have and what kind of job they can find?
  • While you are at it, find an average salary for data scientists?
  • Last, but not least, what kind of education one needs to become a data scientist?

  1. A data analyst work is more of an interpreter or translator where as a data scientist converts the data into to a practical logic through the help of coding or algorithms. Both of their work can be used to form strategies and solution   A data analyst need not be efficient at coding or technical or non-functional work. They need to be good programming or coding but shall be efficient at data visualization, interpretation, analyzing and or data management. A data scientist may also do the above-mentioned tasks/things, but in addition they should be able to make different algorithms, programs and models, which help them in analyzing or interpretation.  The computer scientist is the one who creates helps build these models for interpretation, visualization and solution in way so that they can run in various different environments, for example for various operating systems and applications. There tasks may consist of deep technical understanding of machine learning, artificial intelligence and corresponding, coding domains and using it on different platforms and different environments in order to achieve success and build different models and frameworks.
  1. I believe that data scientists can work in various sectors and domains. In order to do so they must have expertise and strong hold in these following different domains like mathematics, modelling, formulations, normalizing, statistics, visualization, economics, programming (Python, R etc.), SQL queries (Database and information management) , clustering, structuring , cleaning and social listening.

Different careers, designations and jobs associated with data scientists are: Business Intelligence Developer, Data Architect, Infrastructure Architect, Enterprise Architect, Data Scientist, Machine Learning scientist, Business Intelligence Architect, Big Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer.

  1. The Average salaries of Data Scientists is around $130,000

Business Intelligence Developer ($89,333 ) , Data Architect ( $137,630 ), Infrastructure Architect ( $126,353 ), Enterprise Architect ( $161,272 ), Data Scientist ( $139,840 ), Machine Learning scientist ( $139,840 ), Big Data Engineer ( $55,000 – $100,000 ), Machine Learning Engineer ( $85,000 - $137,000)


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