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What Are Some Reasons You Might Consider Data or Information to Lack Validity, Credibility, or Reliability?

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What are some reasons you might consider data or information to lack validity, credibility, or reliability? Explain your answer by using examples.

There are many reasons that information cannot be reliable and lack credibility. The first of these reasons is lake of supporting evidence. When conducting research for an essay or for a new business proposition the researcher must have evidence that supports their writing from sources that can back up their proposed ideas. If an information source cannot provide sources and substantial corroborating evidence, then the research needs to move on to a new source. Another way I might consider information to be incorrect is if it conflicts with background information I may have obtained about the topic. For instance if I were to research information on how much oil flows through the Alaska pipe line and the number of barrels was different then the number I am familiar with, I would consider finding more sources to either back up what I know or what the first source listed.

Many sources of information come from people or organizations that have a special interest in the information being presented. This can cause the information to be biased in a way that persuades the reader to believe the information being presented and form an opinion that shows favor to the reader or organization. This happens a lot in the advertisement of prescription drugs. Drug companies list all the benefits of the drug but fail to inform the audience all the side effects of the drug. In order to combat the effects of not creditable or unreliable information one should use multiple sources and always question the information being presented.


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