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Discuss the Ways in Which Dr. Bay Can Use the Data He Collected

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1. Discuss the ways in which Dr. Bay can use the data he collected.

Dr. Bay is faced with several issues. As he began to explore the dilemma he decided one of the best ways to handle the problem is to better assess the situation through the use of data vs. the options of administrative assistances and faculty. The data may help him reach a conclusion and see the situation from both perspectives. Dr. Bay is optimistic that the administrative assistants are using there time wisely.

The data can help support this opinion. Faculty discussed the administrative assistants wasting time talking with faculty, students or each other. Work measurement is used to determine standard times. A standard time is how long it should take a qualified operator, using the appropriate process, material and equipment and working at a sustainable pace, to do a particular job. "(p.419) The data shows that talking with faculty is 2 percent while talking with others is 15 percent. Communication is vital in any company and is the key to great team work. This issue could be viewed as miscellaneous or wasteful or imperative and cooperative communication. Dr. Bay can use this percentage to address another form of communication, such as utilizing emails more or morning meetings to discuss the daily duties. Dr. Bay could use this information gather to set up appointments for administrative assistants to rotate helping students while other preformed computer or photocopying task.

Dr. Bay can use this information gathered to make a schedule for the administrative assistants and the faculty. The data shows' working on the computer has the highest percentage of time used. The schedule for the administrative assistances can reflect this importance to the faculty. The task that involves more independence (photocopying) can be done while the faculty is not in the building or during odd hours such as 7-8am. Dr. Bay could also use this data to create a flex schedule for administrative assistants so they could work steady without disturbances from faculty to achieve the entire (necessary) task.

This information gathered by Dr. Bay can be used to determine the economic feasibility. "Economic feasibility is the degree to which the value a job adds and the costs of having the job done are profitable for the company." (p.419) Dr. Bay can analysis the efficiency of the administrative assistances to determine whether it is necessary to hire more assistants. The 12 to 20 full time professors may warrant for more support.

2. Recommend ways the administrative assistant's jobs can be changed to make better use of their time and be more supportive to the facility.

The administrative assistants' job (description) can be changed to better the use of time and support the facility. Based on the data collected the assistants


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