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Askari Bank Analysis

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11 Apr 2010 ... Business Essays: Askari Bank And. ... Management Information System In the design of the MIS the following six basic stages of a MIS, .. i want askari bank mis report or data and report for allama iqbal open university of islamabad campus.

The objective of this Internship was to explore the issues relating to Accounting information system and to find out problems regarding the theoretical concepts with practical experience working in an organization during the internship and study the system of National Institute of Banking and Finance. There are many possible improvements, which we can make positive changes in the system.

NIBAF (National Institute of Banking & Finance) is a training institute. Its core functions to design and develop training modules or programs including delivering domestic and international training programs. It also provides provide support for training programs, seminars and workshops.

NIBAF was established by PBC and was taken over by SBP in 1997. The new complex of the Institute is ideally suited for conducting residential training programmes. The designation of the whole sector H/8 of Islamabad, in which the Institute is located, specifically for public and private educational/training institutions by the Government, ensures peaceful and serene environment highly congenial for academic pursuits.

NIBAF as a training arm of SBP has been proactive in playing its role during the transformational process of change in the organization. In line with the diversified and changing training requirements of the SBP a number of steps were initiated besides providing training under different tracks to the Officers of SBP. NIBAF has earned outstanding reputation both locally and abroad as trainings continue to grow at an impressive rate. Around 3000 participants from central banks, commercial banks, micro finance service providers, HR managers and other professional of various


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