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The Old Family Bank Case Analysis Form

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Mauri Martin Long

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The Old Family Bank

June 27, 2015

L. Kim Ross

The Old Family Bank Case Analysis Form

Name:                Mauri Martin Long


H. Day used a differential-and-integration model to analyze the data from each department.  In doing so, he determined that the check processing department and the computer services department both show a low turnover and absenteeism rate, but have a dramatic difference in their production rate.  Therefore, H. Day needs to evaluate the reasons behind this type of differentiation.


As an internal practitioner, H. Day is placed in the position of analyzing two important departments and how he can increase productivity, but do it in a way that addresses the social and economic issues that have been neglected in the one low performing department. What H. Day found in his research and analysis of the situation through interviews was effectiveness of the bank is in jeopardy due to the lack of loyalty from the staff in the computer service department.  


The determined issues that were found was a that the computer services department, which is a highly skilled team, did not feel that there was enough of a pay rate gap between themselves and unskilled workers in the check department.  The issue of market rate pay was brought to the surface in Day’s data gathering and market comparables will have to be done for this department. There is issues in the computer services department due to an employee commitment to the company.

Another determinate that was discovered is the low morale in the computer service department.  Because of a lack of feeling of appreciation, even though the computer service department exhibits some of the same elements in the data results as the check processing department, the production of the computer service department was much lower.


The staff in the computer services department are underpaid when compared to comparable positions in the market place. They also feel that their pay gap between an unskilled department is too narrow, given they are a skilled department. The pay scales seem to not have been properly evaluated and addressed in the computer services department prior. Managers were not made aware of the feelings of the staff in this department or chose to lead in ignorance.  Too much emphasis was put on production and not enough on moral.  Not using the Pathfinder style in his leadership.  H. Day is only viewing the issue through the Analyzer prism.  The “Analyzer Style places great emphasis on efficiency, and gives little emphasis to member satisfaction.” (Brown, p. 93)  Lastly, the inter-departmental relationships are low because you have the computer service department views themselves as up against other departments, which limits the loyalty to the company.


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