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5 Pitfalls of Devops in Industry

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Five Pitfalls of DevOps in Industry

Shiza Khan

Bahria University Islamabad


Abstract— DevOps is a rising worldview to effectively encourage the cooperation between framework designers and operations keeping in mind the end goal to empower efficient end-to-end robotization of programming sending and administration forms. DevOps is ordinarily consolidated with Cloud registering, which empowers quick, on-request provisioning of basic assets, for example, virtual servers, stockpiling, or database occurrences utilizing APIs as a part of a self-benefit way. Today, a continually developing measure of DevOps devices, reusable ancient rarities, for example, scripts, and Cloud administrations are accessible to execute DevOps robotization. Accordingly, educated basic leadership on the fitting approach(es) for the necessities of an application is hard. In this work we introduce a community oriented and all encompassing way to deal with catch DevOps learning in a knowledgebase. Adjacent to the capacity to catch master information and use crowdsourcing approaches, we actualized a creeping structure to naturally find and catch DevOps learning. Also, we indicate how this information is used to convey and work Cloud applications.

KeywordsDevOps; Deployment Automation; Transformation;

  1. Introduction

 DevOps integrates developers and operations teams in order to improve collaboration and productivity by automating infrastructure, automating workflows and continuously measuring application performance. DevOps teams place more focus on automation, they try to automate everything from testing of new code to how infrastructure has provisioned. DevOps team write software in small chunks that are integrated, tested, monitored and deployed usually in hours versus traditional way of writing large chunks of software over weeks or months and then do weeks and months of testing .Furthermore they have identical development environment and production environment based on same configurations.

Writing small chunks of code will allow them to increase frequency of deployments and improve time to deploy new code. It also enables them to adopt an interactive process  to monitor ,measure and improve the code and operations everyday improve their ability to respond to market needs or other things impact software.

DevOps is being used in industries from quiet sometime to fill the gap between developer’s team and operations team in order to produce higher-quality code faster with less time available for QA. Where there are many success stories of using DevOps in industries they are few Industries which have failed using DevOps In this paper, I have highlighted some of the pitfalls large organizations need to take into account before they board on their agile transformation journey.


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