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Young Fathers

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Presentation Summary

We as a group came up with the idea of superstar dads, due to there being a lack of resources in helping ‘young fathers', we wanted a scheme that would have effective ways to assist young fathers ranging from the areas of 13 – 25 in contributing to their children's social, emotional and if possible finical wellbeing.

Within our group we each had our own tasks, Rebecca's task was to design the poster presentation and piece the power point together; Gerri's task was to write about the social issue being addressed; Jovan had to demonstrate the aims and objectives of the project/service; Tayna had to submit a brief description of the project such as the facilities provided, duration time and opening times; Anita's responsibility was to explain how the young fathers would benefit from the project and my role was to explain what skills would be needed for the project.

I personally feel that my group worked well together and we all participated equally and worked to the best of our ability. We felt no way to share or ideas and didn't hesitate to deliver criticism when required. Due to some of the group having children, jobs or other outside responsibilities we weren't always available to meet up in person. However, when we established that we all had blackberry phones, we came up with the idea to set up a group conference to enable us to have 24 hour contact with one another, so we could address our queries more effectively and speedily.

Throughout the presentation I have learnt just how effective group work is and how much you can learn from other people's idea. I have no negative criticism on the group presentation I am pleased that I was able to participate and work with such marvellous people.


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