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Tiger Woods and the Well Ordered Soul

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Tiger Woods and the Well-Ordered Soul

According to, the percentage of marriages where one or both spouses admit to infidelity is forty-one percent. Plato would not believe in these statistics, saying that they are immoral and are not seeking a true virtue. These people are letting their rational and spirit part of their tripartite soul lack. While letting these parts lack, they are letting their appetitive part of their soul get the better of them. It is normal for a person to have an appetite for sex, but it should always be in moderation. Tiger Woods, an American icon that had everything, lost his family by making a big mistake. Wood’s tripartite soul was out of line when he let his sexual appetite get the better of him while his reason and spirit lacked.

Plato said there are two parts to a human, the body and the soul. The body is just a container that holds the important part, the soul. Plato’s theory is that the soul of a human being has three parts reason, spirit, and appetites. He wrote about the well-ordered soul in his book Repulbic. If we wonder how to be a moral person or a just person we must follow this theory according to Plato. Along with the three parts of the soul, you must also have four virtues to be a just person.

One of these parts is what he calls appetites. Desires, fixes, impulses, or cravings people have in life. This portion controls the urges for fulfillment. It monitors the physical body and tries to find physical pleasures that make a person feel good. The appetite seeks to keep the body happy, pain free, healthy. This appetite also has urges for material items, such as a lot of money, good clothes, nice car, and fancy house. Appetite can also be mental such as sex. The appetite part of the tripartite soul wants to have a fulfilling life.

Moreover, this is where the second part of the soul comes in to keep appetite under control. This portion of the soul is made for thinking, and reason. This part also is able to do complex things that are in everyday life like schoolwork, and this class for example. The rational part is very important because it fights urges and contemplates whether it is good or bad for your body. Without this part your appetite would take over your life.

The final portion of the tripartite soul is sprit. This part of the soul moderates the body’s spirit. This third part of the soul, spirit, helps the rational part of the soul control the appetite. This part of the soul helps and strives for healthiness, both mentally and physically. This part of the soul wants to have honor, no matter what you have to do to obtain it. It also makes you want to be a better person.

Plato states that all good souls have four virtues. These virtues are courage, wisdom, justice, and moderation. First, wisdom comes from the rational part of the soul. Wisdom is important because it seeks out good from bad as well. It is


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