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The Order of Assignments

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Stories – You will submit two short stories:

1) 3500-5000 words (as well as the opening five pages two weeks before submitting the complete story); this story will be workshopped in small groups.

2) 3500-5000 words; this story will be workshopped with the entire class.

Both stories must be carefully revised and finished.

Quizzes – Unannounced quizzes on textbook readings.

Exercises – Numerous writing exercises in class and out of class—some collected unannounced.

Workshop – Critiquing others' stories in class and providing to me two class sessions in advance a copy of the story you will have workshopped.

Participation – Not usually considered an assignment but is vital in this course. Talking about your own and others' writing is essential, and I will expect each person to participate in class discussion and workshops.

Final Exam – Will count as a 30 point quiz grade.

Both stories must be submitted (and in sequence) before you are eligible to receive a passing grade for the course.


Grading in this class is by definition highly subjective.

1. PARTICIPATION – This includes quizzes on assigned readings, writing exercises (in class and out of class), final exam (30 pts).

2. FIRST STORY – Workshopped in small groups

3. SECOND STORY – (workshopped by entire class) This will be recorded twice. To calculate your course grade, I will add the percentages of the participation grade, first story, and second story (recorded twice), then divide by four.


If you miss two weeks of class (4 consecutive absences), you will be administratively withdrawn from this class. Or, if you miss 20% of classes (6 days), you will be withdrawn. I understand that absences for sickness and/or emergencies may occur; yet, the above stated policy still applies. Other than sickness or emergencies, be certain you are in class. For example, if you are absent for 4 days of sickness or emergencies, and miss 6 days total, you will still be withdrawn.

If you arrive late to class, please see me after so I can remove your absence from the record. (I may forget if you do not remind me, so it is your responsibility; otherwise, your absence will stand.) Extreme extenuating circumstances may alter the above attendance policy, but only extreme cases. If you know you will be absent, you may contact me in advance if you wish.




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