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Cirque Du Soleil Assignment Questions

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Cirque du Soleil assignment questions

For case (A)-The Evolution of circus industry

1. How would you assess the attractiveness of the circus industry in early 1980s? What would you conclude from industry analysis?

• The target audiences were only kids and family. No efforts were made to increase the customer base and attract currently nonexistent customer segment e.g. youth.

• Although effort was being made in incorporating several arts in the Circus industry, in 1980s the industry was almost saturated. Several other entertainment sectors like music, educational entertainment, moving pictures were attached to the circus industry as the core circus industry had very little to offer.

• Industry constrained itself in the fixed and traditional format. No significant effort was put into trying something new.

• Industry began to focus on the cost reductions, which lead to price based war.

2. What were the factors the traditional circus competed on?

The traditional circus competed on four basic elements: Equestrian acts, clowns, acrobats and Jugglers. This was expanded with other acts besides the core business of the circus. E.g. menageries, human and animal curiosities, and games. The circus also used additional ‘tools’ such as electric lights, moving pictures and Educational entertainments people and historical montages from around the world. Prices of tickets and the capacity and the view ability for the audience which do not have any direct impact on the quality of the show were also given more emphasis than the actual show format.

What would you like or dislike about traditional circus.


• Concept of circus


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