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Sustainable Development in Hospitality Industry

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One of the most contemplating and consequential issues, garbing the attention of every human being and industry is sustainable development. Based on the issue, this report was written with the purpose of understanding the growing importance of sustainable development in the hospitality industry. Through a thorough analysis, on the past decade's major changes in sustainable practices and the micro and macro issues influencing sustainable practices, the report clearly reflects the utmost necessity of sustainable development that hospitality industry, requires today. Almost all the results, facts and figures were collected from Internet source through, articles, ejournals, ebooks , international news and organization's websites.

The hospitality industry is already in the move, however they seem to be lagging behind the sustainable trends in motion. Firstly the report highlights the importance of finding a balance in TBL, which is the social, economic and environmental aspects, stated with methods to measure performance using TBL framework. Secondly the report lists out the major internal and external issues affecting the sustainability of hospitality industry, along with the facts and figures based on the present context of sustainable practices and principals of managing changes.

However, the report concludes with some practical recommendation on implementing sustainable changes, such through training and development, sustainable cultural implantation, purchasing practice of eco-labels and Solar implants. The history is an evidence itself that noting has so far been impossible for humans to achieve. Therefore, with so much of new sustainable innovations and proven management practices, Sustainable development in hospitality industry is definitely possible.


1.1 Introduction on Sustainable Development

One of the most consequential and contemplating issue, all over the world, at the moment is sustainable development, required as a whole, for each and every industry, to find longevity in their success. Basically sustainable development is about finding a balance or creating a environment that suits best for productive operation of the industry, there by harmonizing its surrounding. Every industry survives within the barrier of the environment and every industry uses the environment, one way or another, in order to achieve their goals. However, sustainable development is not only about economic prosperity, it's about the growth in the things we value utmost, such as jobs, profit and productivity. In simple words, sustainable development is a vision, directed towards human quality of life, freedom and opportunity. (Dernbach john.c, 2001a)

Sustainable development first began


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