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Multicultural Education: For Freedom's Sake

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Both essays describe multicultural education and why it is good or bad. Multicultural education is about understanding other culture, racial, ethnics, religions, and customs. The essays are about different views on multicultural education. "Multicultural education: For Freedom's Sake" by James A. Banks and "The Pitfalls of Multicultural Education" by Albert Shanker are different essays focused on good and troubles about multiculturalism.

"Multicultural education: For Freedom's Sake" by James A. Banks is an essay about opponents and supporters of multiculturalism. The essays deal with the problem of two specific groups – multiculturalists and west traditionalists. The multiculturalists prefers living all people together - white with colors, old with young, rich with poor, etc. The west traditionalists prefer group living - African-American together, white together, etc. The author sees as a solvent the cooperating and speaking these groups together. According to the statistic in 1990 there was every fourth person of color, nowadays it is every third person, and in 2020 half of the student will be of color. Because of this traditionalists should learn in schools not only about their history however also about history of the other ethnic groups. Paradox is that the most traditionalists are in America and it is also the place where multiculturalism was born during sixties and seventies. According to the author traditionalists and multiculturalists should speak together and try to find a compromise.

"The Pitfalls of Multicultural Education" by Albert Shanker is about advantage and disadvantage of multicultural education. The author does not claim anything about traditionalist and multiculturalists. Albert Shanker describes how multicultural education is right, however it must be learnt in good way. The author claims if there will be more multicultural education people will be more sensitive to


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