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Lets End Hunger

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"Hunger is not caused by a scarcity of food but a scarcity of democracy." I think the author is saying that hunger exist not because there is no food available, but because we as a united city, country, or state are not letting ourselves become in sync enough to share what we do have available. This statement reflects on Belo Horizonte in a way that benefited everyone in the best way possible. Belo Horizonte was able to benefit 40 percent of their cities 2.5 million occupants that is to say almost half of the city's population is either hunger free, getting the correct amount of nutrition, or profiting from the cities innovations. And to think that all of this was done with 10 million dollars a year which is about a penny a day from every Belo resident. The Belo Horizonte mayor set up fixed prices for food at certain markets, so that low income families could buy there instead of pricey markets. The mayor also helped the farmers earn profit so they can support their families and farms, by setting up stations so they can sell their fresh whole foods to low income families as well. The mayor also set up three restaurants where good natural food was cooked for three meals a day and served about 12,000 people or more daily. They would price the meals at 50 cent; this would benefit people because it saves people from going out and wasting their needed money on expensive unhealthy food elsewhere. In other words Belo Horizonte did wonders for their city and in the long run will benefit in the future from citizen prosperity, economic wealth, all the way to an overall healthy community.

Now on the other hand, the US has a long way to go to reach a system like that of Belo Horizonte. The US with all its wealth and power in my opinion likes to feel in power and enjoys to hand out its help instead of incorporating it into a system where it benefits all and not just a few. The US is famous for its liberal democracy, but there is a catch to everything.


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