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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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Winter Semester 2019

Subject: Innovation &Entrepreneurship                                Course Code: MGT5845                                                                   

Question # 1:        

There is a discussed category of entrepreneurs casually known as the inventor scientist entrepreneurs who are product experts but are quite cavalier about marketing concerns. Discuss in your own words what you think about this behavior and whether it is beneficial or not?

NO indeed its not, Inventor scientist always keep in mind the importance and relationship of the marketing function with respect to entrepreneurial activities Attach to marketing in operating their business and how marketing is actually practiced or is prevalent in their enterprises. There were Survey condudcted by a personally administered semi‐structured questionnaire (A sample of 30 successful entrepreneurs for this paper is drawn judgmentally from the broader study)

The results indicate that entrepreneurs surveyed use marketing to a large extent although some apply it unknowingly. Respondents tend to emphasize product development rather than improving product offering based on customer needs and wants. The results also reveal that some of the entrepreneurs practice marketing in mostly unconventional ways although there is evidence of convergence with traditional marketing in many respects. On the whole, the results of this survey indicate that entrepreneurs view marketing as an important function in achieving their business goals.


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