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Workshop on Entrepreneurship Management

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Workshop on Entrepreneurship Management

1. What is the venture opportunity that you would like to build as your business?

A typical laptop charger which can be charged on the move, which uses solar power for renewing its energy and which encompasses latest of the technology semiconductor devices. At the same time it must be cost effective

2. Why does this business exist?

This is basically to bring under one head all the laptop users needs of a particular place. For example, in Manipal, there is a good mix educational institutions and corporate houses. Usage is high in such places and devices like this can serve the corporate houses, delivering them the on the move portability at their workplace and at the same time, can serve the students. Special occasions like University functions like Utsav, or College events like Atharva, where laptop plug points need to be searched for in the rooms , such a charger can help charging outside in the sun.

3. How will you build this business and what is the work to be done?

Initially, basic material (semiconductor and base, charger points) and manpower (skilled technitions etc) will be required to begin with. Then we will need to tie up with either an institution or a corporate house like HP or Dell, to start of with some even flow of money. Then, expansion needs to be done by proving the superior quality of the charger we serve and hence bagging more permanent fixtures. At the same time it is very important to delegate the work of each of the different institutions/corporate houses to various specialized managers. Slowly and steadily we would need to increase the equipment and the labor's make sure that the business succeeds; we have to be very sure about the quality of the charger. Even in the increase in the size of the operations, quality assurance must


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