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Entrepreneurship Management Barbeque Nation

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Survey Questionnaire for the entrepreneurship management Barbeque Nation :

Thank you for allowing us to communicate with you, Our College recognizes the importance of your time, we seriously request you to fill the important information in this questionnaire, please answer all the questions as honest as possible, we appreciate your time and generosity.  





Please fill the answers in a complete sentence as it will allow us to compile the accurate information :

  1. What kind of entrepreneurship theory do you follow?

  1. What is the type of your food service establishment?
  1. What were the legal requirements while opening this establishment and what all things were required to open this establishment?
  1.  When did you start your food service establishment?
  1. What was the reason behind starting this food service restaurant?
  1. Since how many years you have been in this industry?
  1. the reason behind locating your establishment in this particular location
  1. Have you set any standard procedure of operation in your food service establishment?
  1. Can you please explain the rationale behind the design and layout of this restaurant
  1. What was the rationale behind the construction and design of the menu card
  1. Do you standardize your recipes?
  1. Layout of the kitchen and how it supports the requirements of the restaurants.
  1. Tell me about the portion control in your restaurant.
  1. Can please explain about your purchasing policy how do you set your budget monthly or yearly?
  1. How do you select your supplier?
  1. Policies on storage and indenting.
  1. How do you manage your inventory and supply, do you do on the contract bases or you buy it on daily bases?
  1. Have you come across any frauds like in stores or restaurant how did you overcome it?
  1. What is target audience that you mainly want concentrate at
  1. What do you do to retain your guests, do you give any provisions to your old customers?
  1. How do you design your product to compete in the market?
  1. How do you retain your staff is there any procedure for retaining your staff in your organization  
  1. How have you planned your staff requirements and managerial positions, are there any alternates in case of busy hours?
  1. What was the procedure and how did you arrange your manpower was it an assumption or was it a pre-fixed number of man-power?
  1. What changes did you feel in the competition around your establishment before and today?
  1. Can you give me a rough estimate on the investment
  1. Can you please give me a rough estimate of turn over
  1. Has this company achieved breakeven
  1. How do you set the monthly target of earning and what all things are required to achieve that target?
  1. Do you follow any specific marketing strategy or sales mix
  1. What is the unique selling proposition of this place


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