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Management and Leadership Build-A-Bear Workshop

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Management and Leadership Build-A-Bear Workshop

It is our pleasure to examine the leadership behaviors, and characteristics of Maxine Clark, the founder, and current Chief Executive Officer of Build-a-Bear Workshop. We shall explore the intricacies involved with Maxine’s leadership approach as well as the upper management team strategies in addressing employee expectations as well as access to opportunities, situational mechanisms, and achieving organizational goals. We will also explore the work environment that Maxine has created for her organization as well as the type of system controls used. We will describe the interesting assessment of the successful Build-a-Bear Workshop that diversity is a core value from the creation of products as well as interactions in both internal and external organizational environments. A summary of our assessment of best practices for leadership excellence as well as leveraging diversity will complete our analysis. After reviewing this article, the reader will have informed knowledge if Build-a-Bear Workshop is the place to work.

Introduction to Leadership

Maxine Clark started Build-A-Bear in 1997, according to an interview with Dinah Eng in 2012, Clark said an unsuccessful shopping trip to the mall and a child’s creative solution to fail to find the toy of her choice led to her inspiration. This was just a first step in Clark’s creative pursuits. Clark leads her company focusing on customers, creativity, and employees, and follows a transformational leadership approach with her company. Bateman and Snell (2011, p. 437) state that transformational leaders get employees to go beyond their personal desires and focus on the greater needs of the company. One way that leaders show this behavior is by generating excitement in others. Clark says “We have a playful environment where creativity and ideas are encouraged” (eWeek, 2001, p. 1). By encouraging others she has been successful in keeping employees engaged and happy in their positions. Clark keeps an open communication forum with employees at every level of the company and regularly meets with staff or virtually communicates with them (Eng, 2012). She also understands that everyone needs to dream big and keep partnerships open. Keeping partnerships open provides an opportunity for partners to come and go depending on what value they have to offer. Clark continually keeps the company and leaders focused on the customer. “Build-a-Bear Workshop has a Cub Advisory Board, which is a group of children who offer their opinions about our products and services. Kids have insights and offer inspiration by looking at the world differently” (Eng, 2012, p. 2). Keeping the focus on children has made sure that everyone remembers the company’s focus.

Organizational Culture

Maxine Clark founder of Build-a-Bear states her advice


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