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Building an Innovation Factory

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Building an innovation factory

As a manager I would use many of the ideas mentioned in the chapter 3 of the HBRI book. In this reaction paper, while touching upon a few of the ideas I agree on, I will also comment on those I don't completely agree with.

I really like the idea on how using old ideas as a source of inspiration to create new ones, isn't it the essence of innovation on itself? But, how can one implement a new idea if it is by looking at old ideas as a source of for the creation of new ideas. I believe that new ideas come mostly out of necessity and not often by trying to turn old ideas into new ones. I am very much aware of how reluctant people are usually when it comes to changes, but trying to innovative that way would only mean that we would have to constantly be looking at old ways that could still be working totally fine and try to do them a better way. Hence, I can see how not waiting for an old way to die out can be beneficial, and in essence will always allow the firm to be at a competitive advantage. As the article also mentions that, one of a firm most valuable asset is their creativity and ability to come with new and innovative ideas.

Keeping ideas alive is another interesting point I really liked. I wouldn't even know where to start trying to remember all the ideas I have had at one point in time, and then suddenly disappeared as if I had never even thought of them. The idea here isn't just to come up with brand new concepts, and not elaborate nor use it once it's been put on paper. The goal is to often play with the idea and see if it can solve a current problem (near future) or even create something entirely new. I would very much implement this into my managerial system, especially since those ideas could potentially lead into something bigger and better.

Putting promising concepts to the test is another good concept I would most


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