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Personal Development and Character Building

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The personal development and character building are a lifetime's work; it's an ongoing journey that will take us to places that the normal mind cannot imagine. Too often, people are under the false impression that, once they embark on this journey, their lives will be changed immediately and irrevocably – as if struck by lightning. Unfortunately, even if we are struck by lightning, its effects will eventually wear off.

Many of us believe that money will make us happy, but it won't. Except for the very poor, money cannot buy happiness. Instead of dreaming of vast wealth, we should dream of close friends and healthy bodies and meaningful work. Many people look outside themselves for fulfillment; they expect to find it in things, or in relationships, or in large bank accounts. But true happiness comes from within. True happiness comes when we learn to be content with what we have.

Here are a few key facts that we need to know if we want to progress along the path to effortless happiness and success. It's pretty difficult for us to rise to today's challenges effectively and it's even more difficult for us to notice and recognize an opportunity when we see one. The greater part of the normal mind's attention is focused in the dim and distant past – what we call our formative years, when we were young and impressionable, and the normal subconscious thinks that all the things that made us feel good or bad about ourselves way back then are actually happening today. That's why we automatically feel shy or nervous, confident or inadequate – it has nothing to do with now, a now to which we're not really paying attention.

Furthermore, our everyday life can influence our physical and mental well-being. We may want to be healthier, more generous, less stressed, or just more optimistic, once we determine our goals, we should consider our strengths and how we can help us on our path, as well as our weaknesses and ways as our weaknesses and ways we can work around and with us. If, during our progress, we take a step backward, keep looking forward. Most goals are reached with both good and bad days playing a part.

Firstly, getting plenty of exercise, sleep, water, and nutritious foods. Avoid dependence on caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, and other drugs that interfere with our immune system and our body's ability to function normally. And try to get a good night's sleep. Sleep is the foundation for a healthy and prosperous life. Without a proper night's sleep we're likely to consume more fatty foods throughout our day as we look for energy. Make a commitment to ourselves to enrich each day from a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual standpoint. By putting this balance into our life, we will reap the rewards of getting more out of living, happily and healthfully.

Part of optimal health is experiencing the beauty


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