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In Today's Modern World, Advertising Is one of the Inseparable Parts of Our Lives

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In Today's modern world, advertising is one of the inseparable parts of our lives. Most of companies use television advertising for introducing their products to people all around the world. I, personally, believe that parents should prevent young children showing advertisement for some reasons, three of which-that is- luring children to buy unnecessary products, making children more aggressive, and threatening children's health.

To begin with, companies try to show their products more ideal than what these are in the reality. On the other hand, ages between two and five are so sensitive for children and most of them imitate what they see. So, an inappropriate advertisement entices children to buy trivial goods which may have bad effect on them.

Without any shadow of doubt, showing the advertisement not only don't have good impact on children, but also causes an unusual behavior from children toward their parents. For example, my brother is 4 years old and one day he saw a toy on television. He asked my father to buy that product but because they knew that this is not suitable for him, they did not agree. So he started crying and screaming till they bought it and now he continues this behavior and became so aggressive.

Apart from aforementioned reasons, children's health is threatened by the most of food advertisements. In this time period, eating decent foods play a significant role in growth of children. Watching some products such as chocolate or potato chips persuade children to eat them instead of primary foods. The more chocolate they eat, the more health problem their body will find.

To sum up, with all this taken into account, it is crystal clear that watching advertisement has a bad effect on children. There are various reasons to support my opinion, among which, attracting children to buy unnecessary goods, aggressive behavior from children, and causing physical health problem, are the most significant.


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