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Gcash Invest Money

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[pic 1]

GCash Invest Money is powered by partnerships with

Seedbox' OATRAM

and our various partner product providers[pic 2]

Seedbox provides the transaction processing technology through the GCash App while the product providers manage the investment products.

        Whatis Invest Money        02.

What is Investing?

Investing is putting your money into something with the expectation of making more money.

There are many things to invest in:[pic 3][pic 4][pic 5][pic 6]


When you purchase [pic 7]stocks, it means you own [pic 8]a share of the company.

Types of Investment Vehicles

Through GCash Invest Money, you can invest money straight from your GCash wallet.[pic 9]

The value of these financial assets change according to financial market movements.[pic 10]

These include changes in interest rates, profitability prospects for a company, and others.

        What is Investing?        03.

Why should I start?

We all want to do more with what we earn, whether it's a car, a new gadget, a trip to Japan or your child's tuition fee![pic 11]

Everything costs money!

And we all know that in order to achieve these financial goals, we have to set aside money. But setting aside money is not enough because it naturally loses value.[pic 12]

[pic 13]

In other words, PI today is worth less than PI ton-jot-row.

Putting your money in a bank account won't solve the problem either!

Currently, bank accounts give an interest rate of 0.25% per year while inflation is currently at 4% You're still losing 3.75% a year![pic 14]

This is where Investing comes in, giving you a better chance of earning more!

Why should I start [pic 15]

What should I know before investing?

Before you start investing, here are some[pic 16]

Investing Principles you should take note of:

[pic 17]

[pic 18]

[pic 19]

What are you investing for?

[pic 20]

[pic 21]

Supporting my sibling/s and giving Delivering results and contributing to reach back to my parents our company goals


Exploring the world and experiencing        Sparking change and making a difference everything life has to Offer

Ifyou were given P3,OOO today, what would you do with it?

[pic 22]

j'[l treat my family with it, we'll have a        I shall buy tickets to this workshop for a skill date!        I've always wanted to learn.

I'll book plane tickets to one ofthe        / will give it to an organization that I know country's beautiful islands!        will use it fora good cause

Where would we find you spending you spending your free day?

[pic 23]

Just at home, catching up with        Probably at my favorite coffee shop. Time to the family.        catch up on the work I've set aside! c        D

        / love holidays! You'd definitely find        I'll be volunteering in a needy community.

        me at the beach        Want to come?

[pic 24]Are you currently saving up for anything?

[pic 25]

Yes, I'm tightening my belt on some        I'm building my wealth to earn enough expenses because I'm saving up for        capital for my future business. a family surprise.

Yes, I'm saving up to book a flight to I try to spend minimally and give back more [pic 26]my dream destination!        instead.

Before you start subscribing to an investment fund, [pic 27][pic 28]it's important to know what you're investing for. Find out by taking this quiz![pic 29][pic 30][pic 31][pic 32][pic 33]


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