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Money Remains as Motivational Tool

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Motivation has been described as the forces within a person that affects his or her direction,intensity and persistence of voluntary behaviour (Mc Shane and VonGlinow, 2005) Some theories tend to focus on needs which are deficiencies that trigger both behaviour aimed and directed at a need for satisfaction. Other theories focus on rational calculations that individuals make before engaging in a particular type of behaviour.

Usually the demotivation of employees are automatically linked to a lack of money so immediately money is thrown out there to compensate hoping that the energy level of the employee is going to change,money does the opposite it demotivates. I say this because within an organization's culture there is something known as neutral motivation which is the pre requisite amount of elements that is required for persons to simply show up and just work. The difficulty lies in that every ones drive and requirements are different. For some seniority is a big thing, for others its pensions,for others its the association of the social networks.

Money simply is the summation of what persons are owed for simply showing up it does not motivate people to work harder. it is the point at which the job is done in accordance to job descriptions and the objectives of the organization. This is where Hertzberg's hygiene factors come into play, if we remove the job title and the description what does that leave us with? If these hygiene factors are not strategically implemented it can be a bomb waiting to happen.

Katz and Khan(1996) theory links innovation and creativity,to responsibility for completing tasks effectively and efficiently and loyalty to some extent to the organization. Numerous strategies are used to motivate staff continuously however we can use the categories outlined by Katz and Khan:

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