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Family of Woodstock, Inc.

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Family of Woodstock, INC.

Tiffany Vaughns

University of Phoenix

Melody Gaeraths

April 8, 2019


Preparation is a key component to acing an interview. When preparing for an interview it is important to research the company before arriving.  This allows you to be prepared to answer a few questions the interviewer may ask you. For example, when preparing to interview for a position with Family of Woodstock, Inc., it is important to know what led the founder to create the company; and how Family of Woodstock specialized to me the community needs.

Also, you should know how the organization’s values, attitudes, and beliefs have developed and changed over the years; and how these changes affect the way they deliver services. In addition, when interviewing for any human service position, you should know how, in general, has specialization become a trend across human services delivery.

What Factors Led the Founders to Create Family of Woodstock?

        In 1969 there was a music festival in New York, known as the Woodstock Festival; although the site was more than an hour west of the sleepy little town with the actual name (Burger, 2014). People from all over came to enjoy the festivities and over 100,000 tickets were sold. However, the crowd at Woodstock experienced bad weather, muddy conditions and a lack of food, water and adequate sanitation ( Editors, 2018).  

According to Burger (2014), the once quiet little town of Woodstock was becoming overwhelmed with young people sleeping on benches in the town's well known “green,” people hitchhiking in and out of the town, camping in parking lots, and seeking out food and clothing. By 1970, one member of the town recognized that there was a problem and opened her home and her phone line to these people.

With the help of local businesses, clergy and residents, she organized food drives, clothing exchanges, and often transportation back to where many of these young people came from (Burger, 2014).

How has Family of Woodstock specialized to meet the needs of the community?

After the Family of Woodstock initially assisted the community, they continued to do so by providing services to adults, families in need, prevention services, shelter, child care, and employment. Woodstock Family Inc. provides services for diverse communities that is dealing with a variety of issues. According to their website, they seek to embody and model the qualities of caring and respect within their organization and with those whom they serve. 


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