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Traditional Family

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a) (1) The couple living apart for one year

(2) Adultery and

(3) Physical and or mental cruelty.

B) The couple must decide upon property division, custody of children if needed and maintenance.

C) There is a 31 day waiting period for the divorce to become final just in case people feel that they haven't made the smartest decision of their life and may have just had a little fight and acted to quick upon their decision even though they really do still love each other.

D) They can expect to be a single parent if they had kids during the relationship and also they should expect that they will be living on one income for a family for a little while so they might have to make some changes in their lives.

2. No I don't think two people who love each other would turn on one another because they know that a divorce can turn ugly and that it will just be bad for the both of them and won't have a good outcome.


a) They can still get a divorce but still try and get along for the kids so they won't have to go through the sad parts of a divorce

b) During the separation the will be very upset and the young ones will be heartbroken but I think as they get older they will understand y things went the way they did

c) If the parents could not decide who gets custody on their own they would have to both go to court and fight to say that they are a better fit parent for their kids then the other parent.

d) I think the father because he is the one who has had a steady job for the last little while and it makes him the only one who can provide for the kids

e) I think that joint custody would be better for any couple because it makes things a lot easier for the kids


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