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Enterprise University as a Digital Ecosystem: Visual Analysis of Academic Collaboration

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The notion of digital ecosystems is an attempt to address the

complexity of the interactions between organisations, technol-ogy, and knowledge in the new knowledge-driven economies

by applying analogies derived from the biological ecosystems

[2]. The concept views a contemporary business environ-ment as an “open, flexible, domain cluster, demand-driven

and interactive environment” [3]. The effective and efficient

management of resources in such environments is an essential

task in order to empower digital ecosystems strategically.

This task requires the ability to assess various aspects of the

business environment within the organisation (for example,

the dynamics of informal leadership, the evolution of collab-oration, the fusion of innovative solutions), as well, as the

specifics of its external position and behaviour (for example,

individual links to other organisations, external collaboration

and other relationships). Consequently, this task translates

into requirements for capabilities in real time analysis of and

sense making from a variety of data, in order to manage

efficiently the dynamics in digital ecosystems (for example,

in “a digital ecosystem, a leadership structure may be formed

(and dissolved) in response to the dynamic needs of the

environment” [3]). The institutions in contemporary


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