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Contrast Eating Fast Food with Eating Home-Cooked Meals

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Contrast Eating Fast Food with Eating Home-cooked Meals

The eating food becomes a problem with quick pace of life in present life. It depends on personal daily schedule how it is. Two of common choices are eating fast food and eating home-cooked meals. While both may seem quite contrastive, several differences will reveal that home-cooked meals are healthier.

Fast food equals convenience. People can save time with fast food to do what they want to do. First, people do not have to prepare any stuff before having fast food. For example, most of college students have short time for lunch. They do not have time to prepare to cook. Therefore, students choose fast food for lunch. Also, quite workers and businessmen go back home to cook when they are in office time, which is impossible. Therefore, fast food is their best choice when they work outside home.

Second, people can get replete in a short time. Moreover, a lot of service provides ready-made food, such as cafeteria, Pizza Pizza, Subway, Mcdonald's, etc. For instance, Humber College students prefer to buy ready-made food in cafeteria after class. It just takes less one hour in total. Additionally, there are many choices of food, students can choose quantity of own favorite food, which makes them not hungry during afternoon.

Finally, the great convenience is, people do not have to wash anything after eating. For example, in cafeteria, students take disposable dishware to garbage. It is not only in cafeteria, but also some places have service which waiters helps customers to replace dishes. In brief, eating fast food is not only convenient and time-saving, but it is also good for lazy people.

On the other hand, eating home-cooked meals is a sharp contrast to eating fast food. Home-cooked meals are better for health. First of all, food is fresh and more delicious. People can buy fresh vegetables and other stuff in


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