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Condoms on Valentines Day

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Valentine's Day is fast approaching and as anticipated, there will be happy couples and singles out there that are ready to face this day with such excitement in their hearts. On that cupid day there will be love in the air, romantic dinner dates and exchanging of I LOVE YOUs. In contrast, the Catholic Bishops were quick to issue a warning to government officials about handling free condoms to couples in this very special day.

Since the RH Bill was passed in the congress, there are numerous debates about this serious matter. Philippines is a very conservative and a religious country, that is why most of us are dishonorable when somebody talks about the RH Bill. However, our country is rank 12th in the most populated countries in the world. As an effect of this, most of our fellow countrymen are facing poverty and famine. Amidst the boosting campaign drive of Family Planning in our country poor Filipino families cannot feel its effect because there is a lack of information dissemination in our country. But then again, let us not put all the blame in our government because whether we like it or not I would certainly say that some of Filipinos are really stubborn. "When lust rises, think of the consequences"– that phrase should be instilled in the minds of our fellow countrymen to be able for them to control the intimate nights and later on eradicate unwanted pregnancies (*sigh). I am not against the RH Bill nor am I not also supporting it either. Therefore, giving free condoms on Valentine's Day is not bad provided that they are giving it to married couples not in teenagers.

Sex is not just a past time game that everyone should take advantage of. It only takes one erroneous decision that can ruin your whole being so better think not just twice but million times. Only married couples are allowed to engage in sex and raising a child was never easy. A good parenting plays a great role in eliminating teenage / unwanted pregnancies


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