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Working Day

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In the morning, the city is already astir. Everyone get up and start a new day. They prepare their clothes and their breakfasts for going to work. This photograph was taken at Creation Technologies Company at one o'clock. The Creation Technologies Company, which provides electronic manufacturing services, at Northwestern Parkway, Santa Clara, is a private company. At that time, they had celebrated a small party for their boss's birthday. All employees felt happy when they enjoined into the party. The noisy sound of all employees and music at that time is astir. From somewhere among the trees, birds' chorus of twittering and chattering were singing. Birds seem to want to join into the party and sing more loudly. There were a lot of employees with uniforms, like the red shirts and the ID card which is put in front of their chests, and there are also a lot of foods and drinks. They eat a lot, drink a lot, as well as smile a lot.

There are a lot of employees who come from many countries, such as America, Vietnam, India, and China. For example, the accountant of this company, who wears the white shirt and black skirt, is Vietnamese. The treasurer of this company, who wears the blue shirt and blue jean, is Chinese. All of them come from different countries for a common goal, such as their houses and their status in company. To reach that goal, they have to go to work and make their livings. For middle and high class Americans in this society, being without a job is the same meaning with without money. How can they pay the monthly bill without money? Therefore, they work for making their livings better.


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