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Companies Are Trying to Improve Employee Attitudes During the Recession

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Leader ship and motivation

2016 winter semester

Companies are trying to improve employee attitudes during the recession.

Mohamed Gamal Zaker

Q.1 which of Schwartz’s 10 Values are driving the behavior of managers at Bain , Co., Home Depot and Best Buy ? ,

1. Bein ,Co.

For Bein , Co thereis two main values from Schwartz’s model driven their attitude during the recession ,

First value is Self-direction. As the management chose a creative action to hire talented calibers that become stranded and have fewer options due to the recession this despite of the tradition trend in this case of cutting the cost and stop hiring and even lay off.  

Second Value is Stimulation. Stimulation value is become clear in Bein , Co attitude to boost their business in growth area and emerging markets aiming to increase their  market share as others cut back.

2. Home Depot.

In the case of home depot the management attitude is driven by the achievement value,

As they put realistic goals and lowered the sales and profit target so the employee achieved their target and receive bonuses, this has a direct impact on the employee morals and attitude.

3. Best Buy.

In Best Buy case the attitude of the management is driven by the benevolence value 

Where the management get the employees engaged by setting up online survey to get idea for cutting cost this increase the sense of loyalty when the employee feel that he can make difference and by part of the solution this could enhance the helpful and responsible attitude.



Q.2 how would you describe Steve Ellis affective, cognitive and behavioral component of his attitude toward managing in recession?

Steve Ellis Attitude component can be described as below:-

  1. Affective component

The affective component is the feeling or emotions toward an object or situation

Steve Ellis takes an optimistic attitude toward the recession that reflected on his decision to hire the calibers consultant that lay off from other consultant firms.

  1. Cognitive Component

The evaluation or belief one has about an object or situation,

Steve Ellis evaluation for the situation is “this a huge opportunity to grab very talented people “

We can see that the evaluation of Steve that this opportunity no crisis and this guide the attitude of boost the hiring.


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