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Unit 4 A&p1 Quiz

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Match the lettered structures in diagram of a sagital section of the brain to the term below it.

Points Earned: 5.0/5.0

Correct Answer(s): B:corpus callosum, D:medula oblongata, A:cerebrum, E:cerebellum, C:pons


Match the lettered structures in the below diagram of a cross section of the spinal cord to the terms below it.

Correct Answer(s): E:anterior funiculus, C:lateral funiculus, D:central canal, A:dorsal horn, B:posterior funiculus, F:ventral horn


Match the labelled structures on the brain diagram with the terms below it.

Correct Answer(s): B:frontal lobe, E:medulla oblongata, G:cerebellum, F:spinal cord, A:parietal lobe, H:occipital lobe, C:temporal lobe, D:pons


In what way does the interior surface of a cell membrane of a resting (nonconducting) neuron differ from the external environment? The interior is ________.

Correct Answer(s): B


Which group of fibers spreads impulses at up to 1 meter per second?

Correct Answer(s): A


A gap between Schwann cells in the peripheral system is called a(n) .

Correct Answer(s): node of Ranvier


is a disease that gradually destroys the myelin sheaths of neurons in the CNS, particularly in young adults.

Correct Answer(s): Multiple Sclerosis


Ciliated CNS neuroglia that play an active role in moving the cerebrospinal fluid are called ________.

Correct Answer(s): D


The period after an initial stimulus when a neuron is not sensitive to another stimulus is the ________.

Correct Answer(s): A


The part of a neuron that conducts impulses away from its cell body is called a(n) ________.

Correct Answer(s): A


The point at which an impulse from one nerve cell is communicated to another nerve cell is the

Correct Answer(s): B




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