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Rn Assessment of Family Using Denver II Model

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Robert Wilsey

Family Assessment3

Family Members Interviewed: Hannah and her son Nathan

Date of Interview: 10/1/10

I. Introduction

When I went over to their house that afternoon I thanked Hannah for allowing me this privilege to do this assessment on their son. I instructed her that any and all information that we talk about is completely confidential as it relates to HIPPA standards. I interviewed the mother at their kitchen table where we shared a couple cups of coffee while talking. The kitchen was dimly lit, with wooden cabinets creating what seemed to be a warm environment that was perfect for our dialogue. We made some small talk while I situated myself and prepared the materials I would need later. I had planned to give the test in three parts. First I would ask all of the assessment data of the Denver II that was reportable by the mother allowing the child to remain resting. Afterwards I then shifted my assessment questions to Hannah and her family to gradually ease into the questions pertaining to domestic abuse, and risk assessments. Once we were done Hannah got the child out of his crib and we went downstairs to their playroom where she was holding her son in her arms. The downstairs room wasn’t quite ideal for testing with all of the loose and scattered toys. There I planned to conduct all of the physical portions of the Denver II assessment resulting in some resistance with the child which was easily overcome. After this I proceeded to perform the rest of the items on the Denver II with Hannah and Nathan in their basement. The floor was carpeted and well lit.

II. Structural Assessment

A. Family Composition:

There are three members that form this familial unit. The mother, Hannah, is 27 and currently helps her husband with the financial aspects of his company. The father, Richard, is 29 years old and owns and operates a trucking company. They had a baby boy, Nathan, less than a year ago who is now 9 months and 16 days old. The other significant members of their family include Hannah and Richard’s parents. Hannah’s parents live in northern Minnesota whereas Richard’s parents live to the west in Colorado. For Hannah and Richard this is their first marriage and has lasted 5 years. Hannah has an unmarried brother of 30 years, and Richard has two sisters of 27 & 23. Shawna 23, married Aaron a year ago and has had one miscarriage since.

B. Home and Community Environment

They live in a 1900 square foot multilevel single family home off a back road in Blaine. There are two bedrooms with a


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