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The Queen Elizabeth II

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The Queen Elizabeth II - Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor - was born at 2:40 AM on 21st of April 1926 at 17 Bruton Street in Mayfair, London. Furthermore her Majesty was the first child of The Duke and Duchess of York, who became King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1936. Her Grandeur birthday is officially celebrated in United Kingdom on the 3rd Saturday of June every year. In addition she was educated at home with her younger sister Princess Margaret. ( (

When the Second World War broke out, the Queen Elizabeth at the age of sixteen, and then she asked her father to volunteer in the war as a nurse, but her father rejected her request that the situation was very serious and dangerous. But when she was eightieth he allowed her to volunteer with the Auxiliary Territorial Service. The Queen Elizabeth loves animals, especially horses and dogs; she has more than thirty dogs from the Welsh corgis. ( (

After King George VI succeeded to the throne in 1936, and she became heir of assumed the throne, the Queen began to learn the constitutional history and law, as preparation for its role in the future. Then Queen Elizabeth II acceded to the throne on 6th of February 1952 after the death of her father. However, there has not been a Queen of England since 1707. Queen Ann was the last ever King or Queen of England. As we can see Queen Elizabeth II is the 40th sovereign since William the Conqueror acquired the crown of England. Also The Queen celebrated her Golden Jubilee in 2002, marking 50 years on the throne. The Queen gets wedded to the Prince Philip, beside now officially known as His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Westminster Abbey, on 20 of November 1947. By the way Elizabeth and Philip had four children: Charles (1948), Anne (1950), Andrew (1960) and Edward (1964) and eight grandchildren. ( (

In conclusion, Queen's life


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