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Processed Foods Vs Orgainic Foods

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Processed Foods vs Orgainic Foods

There are very few topics that really get the American people evoked into a discussion except for the current food debate. Organic versus Processed foods actually this debate has been going for much longer than most realize. Food was first processed in order to preserve it from spoiling at that time most were salting, drying, curing, and pickling the food in the first stages, then came along freezing and vacuum packaging (pollan 565). As we entered into the twentieth century more Americans found themselves with very little time for cooking and preparing foods and convenience was the upmost important tool in the kitchen. Along with the twentieth century came technology and the ability to take an ordinary staple like corn and soybeans and turn them into the super foods , most don't realize how much by product or fillers are place into today's foods also known as Processed foods. Many would and have argued that processed foods are bad and the only way to go is organic or natural as some would call it.

Many of the processed foods that Americans eat today have added calories, added antibiotics, added hormones, and added pesticides that no one needs. Some believe theses added products have increased cancer rates, diabetes as well as several other medical issues. Many of the added calories and other fillers are placed there to get one to eat more which is just the opposite of what Americans should be doing considering the morbid obesity rate in America.

What companies will do to get the consumer to eat their product is simply amazing filling the food with the commodity corn or soybean and changing its color or taste whatever relies that consumer in. Most processed foods have very little if any nutrients as they are lost through the processing part and this is what we are feeding our children not only at home but also in schools across America.

Unfortunately not all Americans


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