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Bridgeton Industries Automotive Component and Fabrication Plant Case

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University of Minnesota

Center for the Development of Technological Leadership

MOT 8112 Fall 2006

Instructor Ed Joyce

Office 3-295 Carlson

Phone 624-5753


Office hours Wednesday 4:00-5:30, or by appointment

Course Materials Text: Hansen and Mowen, Management Accounting (7th ed.), South-Western, 2005.

Packet. Contains (a) cases and (b) supplementary readings.

Carlson School Learning Management System: <url forthcoming by Aug. 22> Contains (a) online solution manual for all homework exercises (organized by chapter) and (b) PowerPoint presentations by class session (posted Monday following class session).

Procedures I will use various instructional methods including lectures, discussions of recent business events and trends, group work, readings, problem solving, case analysis, and exams. The reading, exercise, and case assignments for the course are listed on the last page of this syllabus.

Problems & Exercises. Solutions to the homework exercises are available on the Carlson School Learning Management System to make your study more efficient. Class time will not be spent on these. I will prepare class lecture and discussion materials with the expectation that you have completed these assignments prior to class.

Cases & Other Team Work. Approximately 80 minutes of class time will be devoted to in-class discussion and analysis of each of the assigned cases. It is important that everyone be well prepared in order for these sessions to be productive. The cases should be prepared in your teams. For each case, your team should prepare concise written responses to the study questions (given below) for that case and make a copy for all team members. Your team should also prepare an overhead summarizing its responses to the case questions. I will randomly call on individuals to present their team's response to particular questions. While I harbor no illusion that everyone will (or should) contribute equally to the formulation of his or her team's responses, every team member should understand and be able to communicate his or her team's response to the class as a whole. To encourage active participation by all team members, a peer evaluation will be conducted at the end of the course.

In addition to the cases mentioned in the preceding paragraph, a number of in-class exercises will be worked in your team. As with the cases above, individuals will be called on at random to present to the class their team's responses.

Group Project . A project is required of each team. Your team should pick a subject


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