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The Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain

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The Mysterious Stranger a somber work written by Mark Twain is set in the late

1500’s in the medieval village of Eseldorf, Austria . Through his later years he

expresses his bitterness and anti-religious beliefs in this book. Vicariously Twain

offers his opinions about the reason for life, deity, life after death , and also religious

hypocrisy. This philosophical story is about three boys named Theodor, Nikolaus, and

Seppi who encounter a mysterious stranger who is quite young, handsome, well

dressed, and so charming that everything seems to be more exciting in his presence.

He claims to be an angel who is sixteen thousand years old named Satan. He always

redicules the human race, saying that “man begins as dirt and departs as stench. He

is immortal and has no moral sense. Throughout the story he creates havoc in the

small village and gives his own philosophies and opinions on the world and mankind

itself. In the story several characters play pivotal roles which intensify the meaning

and themes of the story including Father Adolph who is a priest, he is very vindicative,

and of questionable merit as a clergyman and later causes the wrongful imprisonment

of Father Peter. Father Peter is a loving and dedicated priest who teaches the

goodness of God and looks for the best in humans. He was accused of theft by Father

Adolph which resulted in the lost of his priesthood and was forced into poverty. Satan

also accuses him of witchcraft then changes his future by making him insane for a

lifetime. The astrologer who is embodied by Satan does wonders and witchcraft.

Margaret is the niece of Father Peter who is an attractive young lady, she suffers loss

of fortune and popularity due to the misfortunes of her uncle. Wilhelm Meidling is a

lawyer and a very faithful man who defends Father Peter from theft charges brought

about The Astrologer. Satan is the one possessing Wilhelm’s


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