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Mysterious Death of Marilyn Monroe

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Mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe.

On the evening of the 4th of august 1962, Marilyn retreated to her bedroom with her telephone and perhaps a bottle of pills. She made servile phone calls. Most of which were final goodbyes. One of the phone calls she made was to Peter Lawford. He was the man that introduced her to the Kenney's brothers. He felt it sounded like a final goodbye and became stressed by the phone call. Lawford contacted Marilyn's agent instead of going to check on her himself. Her agent contacted the house around 9pm. Marilyn's housekeeper, Eunice, answered the phone and assumed Marilyn was ok as the phone cord was trailing into her bedroom. It so happens that the phone records disappeared that night. They were confiscated from the phone company and the police were unable to identify whom Marilyn called that night. In the early hours of the 5th of august, dr. hyman Engelbeg made a call to the police sergeant Jack Clemmons to inform him that the famous star had died from a overdose of drugs. Clemmons drove to the crime scene were he found Dr. Englebeg and Marilyn's housekeeper, they led him to the room were Marilyn's body lay lifeless.

Marilyn's nude body lay sprawled across the bed; her hand was still touching the telephone. They were servile empty bottles of tablets beside the phone. They contained capsules of Nembutal and Chloral hydrate. When the police were making enquires they noticed that there was no running water in Marilyn's house that night. It was have been impossible for Marilyn to swollen the capsules and there had also been no drinking glass found in the room. Eunice was questioned as to why she was tidying the house the night of her death. She insisted that she wanted the place to look nice, as she knew the coroner would eventually come and cored off the house for a crime scene. Marilyn body was in an advance state of mortis, which means she was dead for sometime before she was found. Eunice also confirmed that Marilyn had locked her door sometime after midnight. The official investigators connected Marilyn's death to a suicide. Noguchi would have changed his case a few times but was pressured by his superiors into signing the original autopsy report that stated she had died from a suicide. It was said that Marilyn had taken at least 50 pills at once although there was no drinking water. There was also no yellow lining in her intestines, which would happen after the Nembutal tablets were digested. In the autopsy, it showed that there were no digested tablets in her system. In the investigation it was mentioned that Eunice had been fired from her work that day.

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