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Jesus in Islam Vs Christianity

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World Religions

Jesus in Christianity and Islam

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Jesus plays an important role in both religions, Christianity and Islam, as he is considered a role model for the people. However, views of both religions are parallel towards each other and clash at different points such as his birth, life, and the idea of who he really was. The two religions basically look at him from their own perspective; they both agree that he was born of a virgin called Mary, as well as the idea of him being a healer and performer of miracles. While Muslims consider him to be a prophet Christians believe he was God in human flush. Finally another major point they disagree on is his crucifixion and the idea of him being resurrected.

It is believed that Jesus was born a Jew and the only son to Mary. Neal. R “Before Mary was born, her mother, the wife of Imran, vowed that the child would be a consecrated offering to God. Mary was told that God had chosen her and made her pure and preferred her above all the women of creation, she was given good tidings of a word from God whose name was the Messiah Jesus Son of Mary; he would be illustrious in the world and in the hereafter and was one of those brought near” (1, pg. 4). His birth is religiously known as a miracle by both Muslims and Christians as he is said to be born to a virgin. According to the doctrine of the virgin birth Willard G. Oxtoby “Marry remained a virgin before, during, and after the birth of Jesus” (2, pg. 161). This is the reason why his mother is referred to as The Virgin Mary.

Where Muslims and Christians do not agree with each other regarding his birth would be the physical space where the delivery took place. As explained in our lecture while Christians say that Mary was forced to give birth in a stable since there wasn’t a more suitable place at the time of delivery, Muslims believe it to have taken place under a palm tree. Neal “Muslims believe she was driven by the pangs of childbirth to the trunk of a palm tree where Jesus was born” (1, pg. 5). This is the main difference and similarity between the views of Muslims and Christians regarding the birth of Jesus. Whatever the case, his birth was of great importance as he received many religious followers in the later years of his life.

Throughout his life Jesus gained many followers, as well as opposition. One of the reasons he is said to have gained these followers is by proving himself to be more than just a regular person. Both Muslims and Christians consider him to be a performer of miracles and thus agree that he was more than just an average Joe. As I learned in my World Religions class at Humber College


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