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Great Betrayal to Jesus

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It was very ironic for the people to demand the impalement of Jesus after all He has done for them. It was like a form of great betrayal to Jesus' part and yet He didn't blame them nor have any regret of being in service to them. At first the Pontius Pilate was indecisive of who should be released between Jesus and Barabbas. At last the Pilate chose Barabbas to be free and Jesus to suffer. This scenario is another of those pitiful moments in the bible. They have chosen a man capable of murder to be free rather than an innocent man.

In ancient times, beating prisoners is enough as a form of punishment but for the Jews, scourging as well as mocking Jesus is necessary for they believe it will fulfill some sort of prophecy.

Crucifixion is one of the most horrible methods of execution ever invented and Jesus seems to be very prepared for it for the sake of everyone. However, Jesus didn't choose to take on this task and didn't choose to die. It was God's will, not his own, that all of this should happen. This is the essence of the "good news" of Christianity: if God wants you to suffer horribly and die for the sake of some greater cause that you'll never be able to understand, then that's exactly what you are going to do.

After the crucifixion, Joseph and the others wouldn't let the body of Jesus stay hanging on the cross forever and the Pilate gave to them His body, wrapped it and was placed in a stone tomb. This was very necessary for the resurrection of Jesus because He can't possibly go back to life being nailed to the cross, for it will be futile and awkward.


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