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Celebration of Discipline

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I read the book Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. Basically, this book talks about the path to spiritual growth by emphasizing twelve spiritual disciplines and how they can lead people closer to God. Foster divides the disciplines into three groups: The Inward discipline that incorporates mediation, prayer, fasting and study; the outward discipline that includes simplicity, solitude, submission and service; and the corporate discipline that deals with confession, worship, guidance and celebration.

1. The inward disciplines.

The inward disciplines are a set of four disciplines that individuals need to incorporate into their daily life. This world is full of evil and struggles. People tend to think about how they are going to survive, feed their families, pay bills and live a happy life. In that confusion, God is kept out of the picture. In this section, Foster outlines disciplines that can make us succeed in their spiritual life. First he talks about meditation where individuals are required to focus on God’s teachings and find its meaning. By doing so, one is able to be closer to God and He reveals Himself to them. Secondly, prayer should also be emphasized at all times. We do not need to pray only when we have problems but should have discipline to pray all the time. God hears our prayers when we do it constantly. Foster also talks about fasting where we are required to dedicate time from our daily lives and concentrate on prayer and worshiping God. He also talks about studying the word of God which brings us closer to Him. By reading the bible and other writings about Christian life, we gain more knowledge about Christianity and God.

2. The outward disciplines

The discipline of simplicity is an inward reality that results in an outward life style. Foster urges us to employ simplicity in our lives. By embracing that lifestyle, we are not tempted by material things and we will learn how to give than how to receive. Jesus brings us from loneliness to solitude. The fear of being left alone scares people. According to the Foster, "Loneliness is inner emptiness, and Solitude is inner fulfillment."


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