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Crime Control

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Crime Control


All through the history, human beings have been endeavoring to know about their environment and its impact on their lives. Social historians have been conducting different studies to find out social explanations of crime. It is generally assumed that crime has always been present in our society (Prins, 1982).

Crime had always been considered a nuisance for social reformers and rulers. Since ages, societies are trying to control crime. In every society, crime is considered one of the major social problems.

Crime is a phenomenon which concerns every society. It is not possible to completely eradicate this phenomenon from the society (Parmelee, 1917). However, it is possible to minimize crime by through social and economic development of the society. The restructuring of the social order can also contribute in crime control (Anderson, 1994).

It is a general opinion that criminals are not born but made. Social philosophers believe that the nature of human beings is good. It is also believed that human beings do not perform any evil task unless circumstances provoke them to do so. The distinction between good and evil is very vague. Criminals are often deceived by the thin line that differentiates between good and evil.


Debate on Whether the Crime Rate has Increased or Decreased

According to the crime statistics compiled by the FBI, the crime rate has declined significantly from 1990 to 1995. The decrease in crime rate has been observed in every category including rapes, assaults, burglaries, and thefts. However, there are some categories in which crime rate is still higher than other categories. Sociologists and criminologists are debating the trends in crime rate. According to a few scholars, this decrease in crime rate is only temporary and it will not continue. In order to explain the decreasing crime rate, different factors have been considered by scholars. The two important factors that have been considered by researchers include strong criminal justice and improved economic conditions.

According to James Alan Fox who is a dean of the College of Criminal Justice in Northeastern University, the current decline in the crime rate is just a quiet period before a forthcoming storm (Fox, 1978). He also believed the current decrease in crime rate is due to demographic changes. According to James Alan Fox, the recent decrease in crime rate is invalid because it is due to a decrease in the number of teenage and adult males. This group of the society is more involved in crimes than other groups. He further pointed out that the overall crime rate has decreased but the crime rate of teenage males has increased. In addition, these crimes have become vicious in their nature.



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