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Human Life

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Human life have different stages like childhood, adult phase and then old age. A person has to go through all different stages, at each stage human demand and needs are different like at childhood stage child does not need anything huge or big, every little thing can make him happy, but with the passage of time demand and desires of a person changes and grow too. These desires start from very small thing and keeps going on and never ends.

As Buddha described, that during meditation he realized that “Life is Suffering”, which can be physical and psychological. Everyone has to face these suffering because these are outcome of desires. Its rule of life, to get something we have to give up something.

For Example:

Being an international student, I am here to get higher education and have more knowledge about other cultures and work place provided at different country. It’s not easy to come in any other country and start a new life from very beginning, to achieve higher studies and make fame in overall business market, I have to come out from my comfort zone, had to leave my home country my parents, family and home to achieve something in Canada. This is real example of suffering as here desire is to study abroad and then achieve fame, but to fulfil that desire, I had to leave my comfort zone.

Desire is not solely cause of suffering but when we are emotionally attached to desire, it stress on more suffering.

For Instance:

If one person someone with full devotion and loyalty, i.e. true love but another person is not loyal and cheat his mate, it will break his heart because he desired to get loyalty back as he is showing, but this desires will not be fulfilled and the person who is emotionally attached to this situation will suffer.

Age, Sickness and Death are different phases of life which are faced by each and every person. It’s a fact which cannot be skipped. So, if there is desire there will be suffering too. According to Buddha, it all depends upon how we take it in our life. It depends upon us that we will take these suffering positive or negative, because everything is temporary, whether its happiness or suffering, so deal with it in positive way.


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