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Which Composers Have Expanded the Technical Range of Your Instrument ? Discuss Why This Is Necessary, Giving Examples .

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Piano is a large keyboard musical instrument with a wooden case enclosing a soundboard and metal strings, which are struck by hammers when the keys are depressed. The strings' vibration is stopped by dampers when the keys are released, and it can be regulated for length and volume by two or three pedals. Piano evolved from dulcimer , clavichord and harpsichord .

Piano is formed from the limitations of clavichord and harpsichord . The clavichord is soft and is not suitable for public performances. The harpsichord's sound is much brighter but could not vary tone. Bach and Handel used ornamants as a subsitute for sustained sound and shaped dynamics . This is obvious that composers during that time demands bright but sustained sound.

With the development of piano, the amount of tone can be controlled by the pressure of fingers. This eliminated the need of busy ornamants and pointed towards pure melody. C.P.E Bach then introduced the cantabile singing style on piano. He is one of the first composers to use definite melody and accompaniment.

With the advance of the Viennesse light action piano, Haydn and Mozart are able to project the melody of their works effectively. Mozart adopted the piano exclusively over all earlier keyboard instrument but he continued to use the harpsichord style of keyboard control , quiet and close with only some bravura effects . Clementi sldo followed Haydn and Mozart in his theories of tonal equality, speed and of melody as distinct from accompaniment. He even presented a system for strengthening weak fingers . Clementi however preferred larger more penetrating tone.

Beethoven also preferred the heavier English piano. He demanded sonority from music rather than ellegance. Weber and Czerny supported his revoltionary strength and expressiveness.

Schumann and Chopin used pedal consistently. This allows them to establish the artistic value of poetic tone. Thalberg , developed a ability to make piano


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